High memory usage for Incontrol Hyper-V machines


I don’t know if this would be the right category to post this question. But we are experiencing a higher memory consumption than described in the installation documentation for the Incontrol virtual appliances. When increasing the dedicated memory the demand seems to increase with it as well.

Any one any thought on this ?

Any tips or help would be welcome.
Since this is the first Hyper-V setup I have done myself I am open to any tips

Most processes in the VM have to be statically allocated with memory. So the overall system’s memory is pre-allocated. They will take up all allocated memory soon after starting up. So that’s why you observe the memory consumption increases with the system’s memory.

If the system is going to manage about 100 devices, you can start with 8 GB memory for the IC VM and 8 GB for the DB VM.

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Well ok, but I actually gave the maximum Memory 10GB as you can see, but stil it uses more than that.
When I lower it, it will still be over the max, and when I high it up… the demand just goes even higher.
So I don’t see how I can control this

May I know how you get the memory information? Also can you DM me your ICVA’s S/N? Normally it should not take up all memory. I like to login to your system via Remote Assistance and have a quick look at it.


I sent a PM for more information.