High Dropped Packet count on support.cgi

This can’t be a Good Thing™ right? This count reflects ~7 hours of connection time following a manually initiated power cycle this morning. I believe this began last night FWIW. Monitoring notifications have been in constant alarm mode since last night. Network traffic traversing the edge is slow; voice services are intermittent; PepVPN was unstable last night while PPTP was unusable.

I have a Surf SOHO sitting on 30 days of uptime and the dropped count is 0.

Can you help to attach the screenshot again? There is nothing after I clicked on the attachment.

Thank you.

Not sure what happened there …

If the dropped packet count still increments try locking down the port speed/duplex setting on each WAN to rule out possible auto-negotiation issues.

I tried each WAN at 100Mb/s full duplex and half duplex. No change to packet drop count. Still seeing packets drop at a rate of ~15/sec.

If you are familiar with Wireshark you can do a network capture from the support.cgi page to help determine which packets are getting dropped. We can assist further if you want to open a ticket with us here.

Thanks Ron. Support ticket #764709.