High cpu usage and other errors on Surf Soho

I have a surf soho, Product code SUS-SOHO hardware revision 1.
It is running firmware: 6.1.0 build 1419

I logged on today for no particular reason and found the cpu usage around 98%. Needless to say the UI was very slow.

There was an error on the home page: **Unable to reach web admin. Connecting in 30s… **
On the Status tab there was a yellow error at the top: Fail to retrieve information, please try again later
There is very little activity on the router.
Realtime bandwidth showed no activity.
Event log has no messages for the last two months.
The router has been running for 106 days.

I was able to download a diagnostic file and will attach it here. The file name is 20141211_ssoho_2830F3F4ADF7_diag.report and its inside the attached zip file.

Not long ago, I ran into a Peplink Balance that was also pinned at 99% cpu usage but it was running firmware version 5. Is this a known problem? Is the firmware getting hacked along the lines of Synology?


We noticed one of the service causing this problem. This is a known issue and was rectified in v6.1.2. Please upgrade your firmware.

For problem of Balance router, please open ticket for us to take closer look.

Thank you very much. I will upgrade the firmware on the Surf Soho.
As for the Balance, it too needs a firmware update.

Hi Michael,

You may download v6.1.2 firmware for Balance router from here. Please open ticket if you still facing problem.

Thank you TK