High CPU - balance 380 HW5 version 5.4.9

Hi support,

My customer has balance 380 unit ruuning firmware 5.4.9 .
When traffic is around 40Mb and 4500 concurrent sessions CPU is over 50% utilization.

is this valid behavior?
Thanks in advance


We are going through the same problem, CPU reaches 100% when throughput is around 30 Mbps.
Already opened a support case a weeks ago but not resolved.

Same Model, Hardware Revision.



This is depending what features you have turned on. If the CPU load not constantly at 50%, then should be safe. Else you may open ticket for us to take closer look.


Our support is looking into your problem. High CPU load may caused by many factors. We need time to monitor and check. Please help to follow up from there.

Thank you for your patient.