High bit rate streaming


I am using the following streaming setup:
310 - 3 VDSL lines (50/6)
380 - Datacenter
30 LTE - 2 4G connections (internal and USB) - other options have been used as well.

I have QoS on all devices on prioritising VPN packets.

MTU is on 1440, dsl optimisation enabled.

TOS is on 8

I want to stream RTP - 8 MBits - 188 bits / packet - 7 TP/IP

I’m getting an OK, but not completely stable connection at 6 MBits. That is rather locally (latency is about 40 msec).

What other settings in the Peplink devices that could influence the stability of the stream can I set ? Or is the rest based on adding error correction and jitter buffer ?



Hi Arne,
Have few questions need to clarify before we can comment.

  1. What is the topology of your network setup? Mesh or Star, or other design layout? Can share any network diagram with us?

  2. I believe the Balance routers are connected via SpeedFusion Bonding VPN, so could you share the WAN link(s) bandwidth per site?

Besides that, I am Assuming your environment has been set up completely with SpeedFusion VPN, and the Balance routers running firmware 6.1, then you can run the PepVPN Analyzer to find out the bonded VPN throughput, packet loss, and Round Trip Time between the WAN links.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Wei-Ming,

I am using a star layout:
UPLOAD site to Datacenter via Pepfusion VPN
Datacenter to DOWNLOAD site via Pepfusion VPN

And I do share the WAN links where available at the different sites.

I use Speedfusion VPN all over and I am running firmware 6.1.

The results of the PepeVPN is a bit unclear to me. Is it TCP ?
I’m sending RTP (UDP) and I can introduce extra jitter delay and error correction and so on. But that is on the stream side.

My question is really: what can I do on the routers-side of things to still improve things.


Hi Arne,
You may refer to our SpeedFusion white paper on the best practice in deploying SpeedFusion VPN, the link is http://download.peplink.com/partner/SpeedFusion_Best_Practices.pdf.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and regards,