High Availability setup in the healthcare industry


  • A hospital in the South-East Asia region.
  • Currently there are 11 branches in the region using a single 50M/50M connection.
  • There will be an upgrade of two different 100M/100M connections for future use.


  • Upgrade the hospital network with dual-WAN and VPN connectivity.
  • Combine the new 2x 100M/100M from different ISPs to create a smooth unbreakable network connection when needed.
  • To be able to monitor and control the whole configuration with ease, at any location.


  • Deploy Balance 1350 at the HQ.
  • Use Load Balancing and SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding to combine the two ISP connections for a resilient connection. This will deliver superfast VoIP and data within the SD-WAN infrastructure. Previous tests of such configurations has shown speeds of up to 80Mbps.
  • To create a High Availability (HA) mode, we would recommend deployment of another Balance 1350 to operate in active/standby mode. Should the master device fail, there’s always a backup device.
  • Deploy Balance 305 at the branches.
  • Flexibility and routing intelligence will always be active with the use of SpeedFusion. This will keep your network up and running consistently providing seamless WAN failover to prioritize your traffic. The extra feature SpeedFusion VPN will make sure all the confidential data is kept safe when transmitted across your infrastructure.
  • EssentialCare (2-Year) to be supplied with all Balance routers. This includes the license to access and use InControl 2 where you can bulk manage your network and configure all your devices simultaneously at the click of a button.
  • Should you wish to future proof your investments even further, we would suggest Balance SDX. The SDX is capable of multiple cellular + WAN connections as well as upgradable to support 5G when the time comes.

Devices deployed


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