High availability for InControl 2 virtual appliance

Hi Peplink Engineer,

Does IC2 virtual appliance have high availability function?

We will use standalone IC2 for central wifi controller to manage SSID for remote APs, and also monitor the whole network. However, to ensure 100% operation, HA is preferred for central equipment.

If IC2 is no HA function, could the local site MAX router take the control to manage SSID and allow client to go internet if IC2 is down?


No worry. The APs and MAX/Balance still operate as normal if the IC2 virtual appliance is lost contact by the devices.

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But the MAX/Balance still provides landing page and AAA to wifi clients?

so IC2 virtual appliance doesn’t have HA function?

ICA does not support HA yet. But our customers can setup the VMs in HA fashion on the hypervisor.


Hi Michael,

If using HA of VMs, do I need to purchase double IC2 license + device license?

You will be charged only once. We will provide you a free license key for your HA secondary unit.