High altitude testing of MAX Transit LTEA system


We thought we’d share an example of what one of our clients achieved recently with a Peplink MAX Transit LTEA flying in a small plane across Northern Queensland (Australia).

The official coverage maps from the carriers show no coverage in most of these areas, not to mention they do not have any details of coverage at an altitude of 3000 meters (1864 miles).

Details are limited on the plane type (it was something like a single engine Cessna aircraft), here is what they had for the test:
1 x MAX Transit LTEA with both Telstra & OPTUS sim cards
1 x Small Fixed Wing aircraft

The unit had no additional antennas on it except what was supplied in the box, the GPS antenna was seated on the dashboard and the MAX Router was place up the back atop a seat.

You can see in the following images the red showing where there was recorded tracked speeds of the aircraft above 120kmh (74.5mph). On average the aircraft was flying at about 225kmh (139mph).

The router was used during the flight to also supply Wi-Fi to devices in the aircraft. Overall the customer was very impressed with the results achieved using just the bare essential. With suitable antennas they plan to be able to accomplish even better results going forward.

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