Help With Proof of Concept Design

We are looking to do a proof of concept to show that Peplink with Speed Fusion will improve our private cloud infrastructure across multiple sites. Today each site has one commodity internet connection and an MPLS connection (No WWW access).

  • We have a total of 11 sites that connect over the MPLS to a single data center. All LAN traffic is routed over the MPLS back to the DC. All other traffic is routed over the ISP via a default route.
  • LAN -> Core Switch -> MPLS Router or Firewall & ISP Modem
  • We have two 310s for remote sites and a 380 for the DC.
  • We want to set up two of our remote sites with the 310s and connect them over Speed Fusion back to the DC running the 380.
  • One of the requirements is that the testing can be done without losing communication from the other 9 sites back to the DC.

Thanks for any insight in the development of this POC design.


Attached is a way to setup the devices.
You can set the Balance 380 as drop-in mode, to achieve minimum changes to your datacenter infra.
For site, depending on the existing setup drop-in mode might be feasible as well.

Assuming datacenter has internet connectivity as well, this setup will enable you to either utilize both links for connecting back to datacenter, or MPLS as primary and internet link as a failover.

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What software or App. did you used for designing this network diagram Kv chen?:slight_smile: hope you don’t mind:P


There are few APP in the market that you can consider to use for the network diagram drawing/design:

Google Drawing:

Microsoft Visio:

Thank You

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