Help with plannig to add a peplink balance to my network!


First of all thanks for taking the time and looking into this matter!
I have an office network for around 15pc 20 cctv camera…
Manged by 2 sd switch 24ports, and MAX ON THE GO for routing, since we are quite remote from the main city, and I use USB modem and 1 vsat wan in the MAX ON THE GO.
So I would like to upgrade my router to Balance series, in order to have the balance features, there for my problem is which router will suite my need? while the available connection I have are 2 usb modems and wan vsat.
Please advise which router I should go for and consider.

We are a peplink partner and can help you purchase, configure the equipment.
For your situation, a balance 20x is a good choice.
You could take one sim card out and move to internal model
Use second usb modem in usb port
Use Wan port for vsat.
Send me a pm if you want us to place an order for you.

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Hello @Hamza_El_ghazi,
What region/country are you from?
Your local authorised Peplink Partner in the region/country usually is best placed to help you.
The region/country you are in will depend on what options are available.

By going with a local Peplink Partner, you will have access to their local experience and support, most likely will also speak your local language.

FYI, our teams base of operations is from Australia, looking after primarily Australia with support into New Zealand & the South Pacific Islands it’s a large and diverse area).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response, seems the balance 20x is suitable for me.