Help with peplink device selection and network architecture

Lots of talk of routers here. What are folks using for wireless APs in their larger deployments?

Need for 2-3 client APs. Good seamless roaming. Multiple SSIDs/VLANs. Is the AP one AX the way to go? Where is everything centrally managed just incontrol or the Peplink router as well?

Can the AP one AX handle multiple SSIDs/VLANs? Ideally I want all the APs broadcasting all of the same networks. For example, keep main devices on one SSID/VLAN, IoT/less secure devices on a different SSID/VLAN, and finally separate Guest SSID/VLAN for guests/tenants?

Use case is a home with home office and separate tenant. Main internet will be fiber or cable modem. Backup internet LTE/5G with likely an externally mounted antenna. Would be nice to have a WiFi WAN option for extra backup to connect to a MiFi/hotspot on a different carrier. Main home / home offices devices can co-mingle but IoT/less secure devices and guests/tenants should be segmented from one another. Guests/tenants should not be able to use the backup cellular links and it would be cool to throttle down their speeds on main link so they cannot consume all bandwidth at any time.

Any thoughts on how to architect this and what hardware to use both Peplink router and APs?

Hey Bob, we are a peplink partner and can help you sales/design here in the usa.
I’d recommend a balance 20x , unless you have needs for a bigger router.
The 20x can manager the ap one ax and support handoff with the same ssid’s multiple vlans.
For your wifi as wan option you could connect a br1 mini via the usb ethernet or via virtual wan license to be introduced for the 20x. We can help you out post sales on setting up your guest/tenant needs for which wans they can use and how much bandwidth they can consume. 5g module can also be added internally for that need.

Can I use WiFi WAN using the Balance 20x built-in WiFi and not use the 20x for WiFi LAN? How many Ap One AX can the 20x support? Does the 20X provide PoE or how ould the APs be powered?

The 20x does not support wifi-as-wan. Currently that feature is only support by the pepwave line up.
The 20x does not support POE output, you would need a seperate switch or injector to power your ap’s.
I’m not able to find how many ap’s can be controlled via the built in ap controller yet, I’ll keep looking.

I can’t find it referenced anywhere anymore, but the AP controller lite used to say up to 30 APs with a single configuration profile. IE all 30 APs have the same exact config.

Yeah I searched quite a bit , couldn’t find a limit listed.
I agree 30 sounds right.