Help with Peplink Balance 1350

Good Day, May I ask if there is a way for the management to control how much speed the guest can get, or give a guest a timed session? or will this be the role of the wireless controller?

I’m asking this because the management want to give the guests that are staying in the hotel the best connection but limit the ones that are eating at the restaurant or those that just get a glass of water and stay countless hours just using the internet… thank you in advance

and may i ask what hardware is compatible with Peplink Balance 1350 that can control the clients bandwidth or limit his session time?

I recommend going with our AP One access point, it will allow you to create multiple SSID’s and you can control the bandwidth.

We already have a Wlan Controller, can i configure it their? and i’m not sure about the session time out, can i configure it so that when the session times out it will take 24/12 hours before the mac can reconnect?

You need to look in to your existing Wlan controller, I have no idea…

i saw that the peplink balance 1350 already has a AP controller built in, would it recognize cisco access points? and will it work with the existing cisco wlan controller? because i would like to configure the captive portals.
i would also like to ask if there would only be 1 captive portal for the unit?

Peplink AP Controller supports AP One and AP Pro only. Please refer the following for details.

There would only 1 captive portal per AP Controller.