Help with Multiple ISP Connection

I am new to this stuff and have no idea where to start. I am trying to combine the signals I get from 2 different ISPs, a T1 and cable. The T1 requires a static IP for my router and the cable uses DHCP. What Peplink product can I use to combine these 2 signals to maximize speed and ensure that I am still connected if one source goes down. This is for an office so cost is not a big issue. Please let me know.

Hi , It depends to your total Bandwidth , Total number of concurrent users and if you need high-end features like Inbound load balancing , Bandwidth Management per IP , Website Blocking ,

If you have two links , consider Peplink Balance 20 or 210.

If you have any plan to have more than 2 links in the future, consider a Balancer unit with 3 or 5 WAN ports.

2 ISP. Max bandwidth of 50mbps. Max 24 users. Don’t need high-end.

Only one of my ISPs provides static IPs. If I go straight to a DHCP router from the Dual Wan router, will that setup work with 1 ISP static IP and the other not?

So you can use balance 20 or 30 ( if you have any upgrade plan for the future ).

Peplink supports both static IP and DHCP for WAN connection method. it’s no problem.