Help with Balance 20x Bandwidth Control for Staff Subnet

Please excuse my ignorance, but it has been a while since I used a Balance router. On the old routers, it was pretty simple to control bandwidth by creating an SSID just for guests and then entering the bandwidth throttling parameters. I am currently configuring a new Balance 20x and there is no longer controls for bandwidth control within the SSID settings that I can find. I intend to use the Balance 20x built-in Wifi for the suite it’s in, then deploy the 3 other AP One AC Mini’s in the other 3 office suites. What I am aiming for is a wireless network for our EMR iPads (Staff) with restrictions on what they can connect to outside of the network… esentially everything but social networking. A wireless network for the Owners (Manger) without any restrictions since they have to manage Facebook, etc. And a throttled wireless network for the Staff’s personal devices (Guest) that is also restricted (no access to social networks and the like). I have the LAN set and DHCP enabled… I have reserved addresses for the AP’s, Computers, Tablets, Printers, and Smart Devices in all the suites starting higher in the IP Range. I’ve setup the 3 SSID’s, but I noticed I could either manually restrict the domains I want within each SSID or I could use Firewall settings with content blocking and exclude groups. I guess this is where I’m lost on the new approach with this router… intiutively I would expect to assign an SSID to a group, but I don’t see any way to do that. If I could, the Bandwidth Control makes perfect sense in just sliding the percentage of overhead you are allowing for each. I did have the idea of using Guest Protect, but I guess I’m not versed enough to understand the Subnet entry. If say my main subnet for the LAN using DHCP was -… would I just enter something like there to have it assign anyone connecting via the Staff (Guest) SSID could be assigned to Guest in the user group via subnet?

Apparently I have no clue how to configure this using subnet. What I suggested above did not work, I was assigned a standard IP from the DHCP range when I connected and had no bandwidth restrictions.