Help with a Router to Router set up


I have 2 of the peplink BPL-021 routers, I would like to set them up on my bench and connect router to router direct to do some testing. Can I connect the routers WAN to WAN directly and what would I put in the WAN settings to get them talking? Thanks for the help as I am new to the router world


Hi Learner,

What do you wanne test ? to connect both balance routers it is possible to connect them using the WAN Ports.

Give the WAN Connection a static IP
Make sure the DHCP server on both sites gives another Network adress


WAN Port 1 (balance)
WAN Port 1 (Other balance)

DHCP Lan (other balance):

OSPF: Network with and

If you also wanne test with a WAN connection to the outside. Connect a modem to WAN Port 2 and then connect this network in the same OSPF group.


Thank you for your quick response my next question would be what do I use as the gateway address for the separate LANS


Hi Learner look at the below link

Read about default gateways here. as different setups are possible. But normally your DG is your routers/servers IP… unless you use a firewall then its your firewalls IP.