Help with a Router to Router set up

I have 2 of the peplink BPL-021 routers, I would like to set them up on my bench and connect router to router direct to do some testing. Can I connect the routers WAN to WAN directly and what would I put in the WAN settings to get them talking? Thanks for the help as I am new to the router world

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Hi Learner,

What do you wanne test ? to connect both balance routers it is possible to connect them using the WAN Ports.

Give the WAN Connection a static IP
Make sure the DHCP server on both sites gives another Network adress


WAN Port 1 (balance)
WAN Port 1 (Other balance)

DHCP Lan (other balance):

OSPF: Network with and

If you also wanne test with a WAN connection to the outside. Connect a modem to WAN Port 2 and then connect this network in the same OSPF group.

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Thank you for your quick response my next question would be what do I use as the gateway address for the separate LANS

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Hi Learner look at the below link

Read about default gateways here. as different setups are possible. But normally your DG is your routers/servers IP… unless you use a firewall then its your firewalls IP.

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This router to router connection is very tough to set up. though it worked out by following the tips from this forum, but now i have some facebook
problem, that is rebooting router, please any suggestion.