Help us name a new feature in InControl 2 - and you might win a Balance One!

A Great New Feature for InControl 2
We have come up with a handy new feature for InControl 2 and we need YOUR help to come up with a name for it.


So what is it? Well, imagine you have a remote device that doesn’t have any external ports open so you can’t access its Admin Web Interface from the internet (always a good practice) and you don’t have a SpeedFusion VPN to it either… how do you connect to its web based admin interface to manage it?

Until now the only options would have been to either use a software VPN client to PPTP into it, or connect to a device on its LAN (with Logmein or Teamviewer) and then use that device to access it.

Now we have (a very clever) third option - you will be able to use InControl 2. Here’s how:

  1. Login to InControl 2
  2. Select the device you want to manage
  3. Click the Settings menu and then Remote Web Admin
  4. TaDa! You can now access the admin web interface of the device through InControl 2!

How does it work?

  1. InControl 2 contacts the device and asks it to initiate a Remote Web Admin Session.
  2. The Device creates a secure temporary management VPN to InControl 2
  3. InControl 2 then proxies the Admin Web Interface so you can access it.

Its Single Sign-On, Its Secure and it Saves loads of time - no more digging through your notes for the usernames and passwords of your devices, no more dynamic DNS configuration needed for remote access. If the Remote device can communicate with InControl 2 then you can access the Web Admin Interface in a couple of clicks.

Trouble is, we need to come up with a catchy name for it - a clever name that reflects how clever the feature is (Remote Web Admin is far too dull) and we need your help.

The Challenge
Submit ideas for names here in this thread and - if we like yours the best, we’ll send you a shiny Balance One in appreciation!

Some great names submitted already, sadly some of these are already product names and likely trademarked. Remember to google your suggestions before you submit them to make sure they are not already in use. Keep them coming :slight_smile:

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Peplink “ProConnect”

Peplink CloudConnect, Peplink CentralManage, PepCentral

Peplink PepTalk


pepwebmin there is webmin but not pepwebmin

“Sesame”", “Secure Sesame”, “Secured Sesame”, “PepSesame”. “Sesame” is the word that Alibaba used to open/close the door,

pepdmin, PepAdmin, pepmin


PepConnect is good one


PepReach is good


PepFlash - good too

PepCommit - like it too

when is it going to be out of beta? or at least can we beta it as I contributed a lot of bugs in beta testing 6.1 Firmware.

oh And I dreaming to have in my hands Peplink Balance One!


"Peplink God Mode:

“Peplink Device DJ”