Help selecting router

I’ve been using a Balance One Core and it’s great. I want to connect 3 more 1-person sites and allow each site

  • PeplinkVPN to the other sites
  • All features of SpeedFusion including SpeedFusion Cloud
  • Dual WAN
  • LTE would be a plus

Unneeded: Wifi

What are the lowest price devices that support this feature set?

I really appreciate your help

Hi. There are a number of directions one could go. I think this may be the least expensive way to go → If a second WAN port is required I’d use an inexpensive USB-ethernet dongle. Cat4 LTE is bult-in. This is a “PrimeCare” device so SpeedFusion and a 5-PepVPN license is included. And, for this router, PrimeCare renewal after the first year is inexpensive.

Thanks Rick. So let’s go a level up in devices because I’d like the dual WAN built-in. That’s a valuable tip about PrimeCare

Ahh. OK. Then look here → - Model Comparison. I was trying to get you SF and 5 PepVPN license for “almost free.” :grinning:
If avoiding the USB-ethernet converter is important you’re probably looking at a Balance One Core with optional SF and 5 PepVPN licenses or the Balance 210 which includes SF but you’d still need to purchase the 5-VPN license.

OK great. So if buy the SF for the One Core that means all SF features? The comparison table with it’s footnotes is beyond me.

I’ll send you a PM with my phone number and I’ll explain it to you.