Help selecting right router

Hi! I’ve heard a lot of good things about your company and I need help deciding which router is best for me. I currently own a hotspot device with all major US carriers and I would like to use them in a router as a fail over for my main cable connection. I need to keep the sim on the hotspot because I usually take it with me when I travel so the connection has to be via usb tethering to the router. The pepwave SOHO looks promising but only support one of the 4 devices that I intent to use.

Here are the models of the devices I have:
Netgear AC791L (verizon)
Netgear AC 779S (sprint)
Netgear Ac 815S (att)
samsung SM-V100T

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

The supported USB modem is cross the platform. The Netgear AC791L and AC 779S are under our supporting list. For the rest of the 2 modems, you may open ticket for driver development if SOHO failed to detect them.

So which device should I choose? Need one with more than 1 usb wan connection if possible. Also seeing this new technology of hybrid wan wish I could use it with all of my hotspot devices.

For multiple USB connections, you can take a look at MAX On-The-Go, which support up to 4 USB slots. Do run through the other specifications of our MAX OTG (link I’ve shared below) and see if it fits your need.

Edit: Add on to the above, MAX 700 will also be a model to consider, for bigger deployment.

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