HELP please Peplink VPN

I am trying to establish a site-to-site VPN connection using two Balance One routers.
Both are on the current firmware 6.3.3. Pep VPN version 5.0.

I can’t find clear instructions online all the manuals that I find refer to an older firmware with a differnt UI.

Here is a list of questions that I can’t find a clear answer on:

  • Name: can this be any name?
  • Remote iD: serial of the other router? / Router Name / Admin name?
  • Pre-shared key: SSL certificate / Password I created / Admin password
    • : Do I have to create more than one Remote ID / Pre-shared key for a single site-to-site connection?
  • Remote IP address: Is this the static iP address found by “”?

I was told not to worry about the other fields…

What to enter on the other side?

It all looks so simple but there are still so many variables. And no indicator when stuff isn’t working.

Thanks for your help!


Hi Roger,

You may find your answer here.

Hope this help.

What is the ID ???

The name of the router?
Admin name???

Please find the attached screenshot for better understanding. Left hand side is Balance_01 and right hand side is Balance_02.

And the Pre Shared Key is just any old self created password?

Yes. Ensure the Pre-Shared Key is matched between both routers.

I made a video about this a while ago for reference.

Thanks for the video, the UI is different by now but the info as shown still applies…

Its now stuck in : Starting / Updating routes
Is this supposed to take a long time?


Starting - Usually means it can’t find the other device but is ready
Updating Routes - Found the other device, learning the multiple routes. In our experience, the more WANs, the longer it takes except for the HD4, its usually very quick on this stage! (Usually between 10 and 30 seconds. Sometimes up to 90 seconds)
Established - Fully connected
How long are you stuck on Updating Routes?

If its stuck on updating routes you might have a subnet clash. You can’t have the same LAN subnet at both ends with the default settings for a Layer 3 PepVPN.

Thanks for your reply!

There is only one WAN line involved and I disabled all the ones that are not in use.
It was stuck for 30 minutes before I turned it off again.

What are the LAN IPs of the balance routers? Are they both the same (ie If so thats your problem.

Yep they are the same.
Tech support from my vendor told me it did not matter…

They were wrong.

The only time you can have the same subnet at either end of a PepVPN tunnel is when you use a Layer 2 profile and so are transparently extending the LAN of one device at a location to the LAN of the other device at a different location.

I have no idea what you are talking about.
All I want is to archieve what Peplink promissed me. A “LAN” connection via the internet so I can access the drives from a remote office.

On Balance A set the LAN IP address to and on Balance B set it to and you should be all set.

Thank you!!

As soon as I can afford to change the LAN IP on my side I will give it a try.
It will throw IOT’s and server off my network so I have to find the right moment to do this.

Also note your devices and server will now have new IP addresses so you may need to update your DHCP reservations if you are using those.

Yess I finally have green lights :o
The trick was to assign a different LAN iP range on one of the routers.

Now I am still disapointed :mad:
I was promissed that this PEP VPN would act as a ethernet extention trought the internet and that all my local drives and resourses would be available.
Not so. When I run my iP scanner I only se the addresses from one side.
No server and shared drives are showing in Finder either.

So what am I missing here?

Thanks for your help!