Help please - definition and how to use

With Outbound Policy configuration, there are two fields that I don’t completely understand.

You can select Source AND you can select Destination.

Will someone please explain what these do and how to use them? Even though I’m quite technical, my intuition is betraying me.



Some examples here: Managing Multiple WAN links with Peplink Routers – Martin Langmaid – SDWAN Architect

But the idea is this.

  • Sometimes you will want certain traffic that is going to a specific place to go via a specific WAN connection. So maybe your VoIP traffic should go via the dedicated internet link your VoIP service provider has installed. The outbound policy then would be by destination (the IP address of the VoIP server).

  • Other times you want specific LAN devices to use WAN links in a particular way (independent of what services / websites they are accessing). Maybe you want all the guest wifi users to only use the DSL link, whereas staff users can use all WAN links. You would set up an outbound policy by source in that instance.

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