Help noob find solution for jitter and dropouts on Xfinity

I’m looking for help from the Peplink community. I have a Ubiquiti network (USG, switch, 4 APs) on a sometimes unstable/jitter 1Gb Xfinity WAN, which causes dropouts and disconnection from Zoom and voip calls. Any recommendations?

Does the instability match up to any other network activity on your LAN? Is upload bandwidth getting saturated by CCTV or a data sync perhaps?

The Peplink solution to this is combined your fiber with another internet connection then send just your jitter sensitive traffic over both in a bonded tunnel via a speedfusion end point. That end point is either Peplinks own SpeedFusion Cloud service or its via a free to license virtual appliance you can host yourself called FusionHub.

Take a look at the Balance 20X that has an inbuilt LTE modem and a wired wan which would be a good fit for what you are asking.

@jfox I’m unclear of your question. Do you have a Peplink router now, or are you considering one? I don’t understand your current configuration. Could you draw a diagram and identify the components in sequence for the voip and zoom devices?

Thanks for your assistance! This diagram is similar to my network. I have 4 APs vs 2 APs. My modem is an Xfinity device.

I don’t own any Peplink products and need coaching on which to buy. No CCTV on my network. 3 users, 2 are on zoom, google meet or Microsoft teams throughout the days. 1 voip user.

Thank you Don. Assume you’ll see my reply in my response to Martin. Let me know if my diagram answers your questions.

As for Speedfusion, I’ve read that the max speed is 100m, so are you sending priority traffic (zoom, voip) to Speedfusion to take advantage of the wan smoothing and then route all other traffic through normal xfinity?

The diagram helps. I understand the problem - your internet source is unstable. Martin’s suggestion of Speed Fusion is certainly an option but you still need a stable second internet source. Do you have a stable alternative albeit at a lower speed? If so you can do the same thing with most any Balance model with two WAN ports. VoIP and Zoom can be routed through the slower but stable WAN, with most other going to Xfinity. Speed Fusion is good but I don’t know if its necessary for you. I’d put a Balance One in place of the USG Router and start there.

Edit: The Balance One won’t support your 1Gb connection. You’ll need the Balance Two if you want two ethernet WAN ports. The 20X is good if you want to use cellular for the second internet source but it only has one ethernet WAN port. Suggest you try Zoom and VoIP using the hot spot on your phone as internet. If that works well in your location you’re in business.

I’m in the Chicago area. WOW is the competing ISP. I cannot speak for it’s stability vs. Xfinity. I suspect it is no better. Cellular is an option. The problem I’m solving for is a consistent, reliable WAN connection for voip and zoom traffic (ala a true SD-WAN solution).