Help! My IC2 Captive Portal is Getting Applied to ALL my SSIDs

You have set multiple SSIDS, one for public use and others for internal. For the public captive portal, you have just configured Social Wi-Fi using InControl. However, you now find that ALL of your SSIDS have Facebook captive portals applied to them.

Reason: This is happening because Balance and the MAX devices (which are delivering your captive portals) apply captive portals by VLAN, rather than SSID. If there are more than one SSIDs on the same VLAN, then the captive portal settings of the first SSID will be applied to all others.

Solution: To fix this, we recommend that you create a new VLAN, and assign the SSID with Social Wi-Fi captive portal on your newly created VLAN.

This could be accomplished by taking the following steps:

    1. Enable VLAN by going to Network > LAN > IP Settings, clicking the "?" icon and then the "here" link.

    1. Add a new LAN with a VLAN ID, say, 10. The IP and subnet shall be different from the Untagged one. Save and apply the changes.

    1. On IC2, change the VLAN ID of the captive portal enabled SSID to 10. Press the Save button.

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