Help Meshing two Surf Soho MK3s together

My network consists of a ATT mobile hotspot that is USB tethered to a PepLink SurfSoho Mk3 router. The surf Soho broadcasts “Network1” it has 2 factory omnidirectional antennas hooked up, and the third antenna is a high gain directional antenna pointed at a remote building. It has 8.1.1 firmware and is set to the factory IP of

In the remote building I used to have an older device connector, but it wasn’t working well so I replaced it with a second Surf Soho mk3. This 2nd surf soho also has 2 factory omni directional antennas and one high gain directional antenna. The directional antenna is pointed at the first Surf Soho. I configured the 2nd Surf Soho in the remote building to use the “Network1” WAN from the first Soho as the 1st priority WAN input. (I cannot run a wire between them) The 2nd Surf Soho in the remote building then broadcasts “Network2”.

This setup works fairly well, but I have 2 networks to switch between when I move between buildings. With the release of 8.1.1 firmware it apears I can mesh the two surf Sohos together and have same “Network1” for both of them. I have read the setup in this link a few times

but I must be doing something wrong. I hate to ask, but can someone provide a more detailed instruction for meshing to surf Sohos together wirelessly to broadcast the same network?


Any advice? I would prefer to have one network meshed vs the two network solution I have now.

Essentially I need the second Surf Soho to act like an AP. Is this possible?

SOHO MK3 works as an uplink for Pepwave AP One. So, two MK3 will not talk to each other via Mesh. You may maintain existing design or replacement the 2nd MK3 to a AP One.

Thank you.

I have the need for external high gain antennas in my installation. I think that would limit me to the AP One Rugged. Is that correct?

Does the latest IP55 Device connector work with mesh? (My previous install used an older IP55)

If the IP55 does work with mesh, would the AP one rugged or the IP55 have a better wifi radio?


Just a guess here: The Surf SOHO can create many SSIDs. Why not have the first SOHO create two SSIDs: “Network1” and “AcrossTheStreet”. Then have the second SOHO use WiFi as WAN connected to the “AcrossTheStreet” network. This should allow the second SOHO to also broadcast a “Network1” network.
And perhaps limit the “AcrossTheStreet” network to just one frequency band. If the distance is far, then use 2.4GHz band for its better range. If the distance is short, then use 5GHz for faster speed and probably less interference from neighbors.


 Thanks for the idea, but I think I might run into trouble with it.  When I had the old setup with an early IP55 in bridge mode broadcasting the same SSID, I would have issues with a device would not transfer networks when it should.  (It would stay connected - barely - to the across the street router even though I was back in the main house where it could get perfect signal.  Since I had several instances of devices connecting to the wrong broadcaster I just changed network names so I could consciously force the device on the correct network.  This works, but is clunky.  I was hoping mesh would solve that problem.