Help me setup peplink


Hey so I bought the peplink balance 1 from my friend and I factor reset it but I go on my phone and it’s there but what is the password


Hi Orbit_Gaming:

The Default login credentials are -

u/n- admin
p/w- admin


Nah it’s not that it’s too short… not on the website btw


If you’ve factory reset the Peplink, those should indeed be the credentials. I’d try the reset again to be sure you got it.


But I’m getting the connection tho


On my phone but there is a password for some reason


Orbit, here is the user guide for your Balance One. I think you’ll need to spend some quality time with this document.

The username/password that Jason gave you is used to log into the Balance and change settings. Before you can do that, you have to be actually connected to the device which is typically done the first time with a wired connection from one of the LAN ports to your computer.

It sounds like you’re trying to connect to the Balance One’s default wifi with your phone which is a different username/password that you create in setup. There is no wifi password until you first configure the Balance One. This is not a consumer plug and play device. You need to log into the device from a wired device to at least set up the wifi station name and password that you want.


Hello @Orbit_Gaming,
In addition to the information from @Jason_Krapp & @Don_Ferrario we recomend you look through this guide on setting up InControl2 to manage your Peplink Device.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: