Help me block IP MAC address please!

I have Who Is On My Wifi and a computer popped up that isn’t mine! I need to block it and I don’t know how to set that up! I already have all the “known” IP & MAC addresses of everything I use under DHCP reservation listed. I’ve just never set up anything like this.

And I’ve never really figured this router out I’m embarrassed to say. I’m only using WAN and I’ve tried setting up dynamic DNS, or at least I have that checked but…

I’m just in over my head.

But I really need to block this other computer. I have no idea what it is. I’ve tripled checked everything and I even have FING and it’s not there.

Please find the screenshot below to achieve your requirement.

Do you have Directv? Possibly another multi-tuner/media server? If so, each “tuner” can grab an IP when it is needed. It is usually a couple of digits different from the others. They should all share the same manufacturer name. What do you see when you hover over the MAC address in the console? It should say “Vendor: vendor name”. That can also be a hint at what device it is.

I would be leery of going down the path of MAC address authentication. It all depends on how much time you want to spend managing your network.