Help/Input and suggestions on ship setup HD2 + HD2 Dome

I am configuring a setup on a larger ship with equipment I have not tested before so I am looking for input and any possible hickups I might face and hope you can give me some advice.

I have a HD2 Dome installed already that I want to use but also I want to use the already installed antennas on the vessel (poynting 291).

I am thinking the following setup:

  • A MAX HD2 (dual cellular for the already installed antennas, and WIFI WAN in when ship is in port.)
  • VSAT on WAN 1 (for accessing remote sims, (Does MAX HD2 support remote sim?)
  • HD2 Dome connected to the MAX HD2 on WAN2

The goal would be for both the HD2 and HD2 Dome to use remote sim in our head quarters.

Is this possible? Would there be another setup that is better at similar price range?

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