HELP! Hot-spot-Setup / Upgrade / Thank you

Good day all:

I apologize for being a beginner/amateur.
Have an existing, reasonably well functioning hot-spot system with 25 Pico Stations, serving several buildings. A small IBM server with ISBG-3.5 software, 2 providers with each ca. 700 MB (Thai domestic) speed, a DrayTek VIGOR 2912 load-balanced router, a couple of D-Link Giga-switches (the basic ones) & a 10/100 16 port D-Link switch. We have an average of 40-50 users, soon to be 75 / Hotel-type setting. We want to upgrade within reasonable cost to get better, more reliable speed and a stable system. Pings are mostly very good with some very short exceptions, which we can not explain, when the system shows some or more AP’s going from green to yellow or orange for minutes and a bout once or twice a day.

We have started adding some Hotspots and will add a few 5 GHZ in strategic locations and where needed. We might get to about 34 AP’s total. We are now changing all cables to CAT 6a.

We need urgent help choosing 2 good & fast Giga switches 24/18 ports, nothing too complicated, but fast & quality enough, so they last a few years. Looking at Cisco 200 & 300 Series, but open to Peplink.
We need also a good load-balance router. Looking at Day-Tek & Peplink better models & Peplink.

You see, we are amateurs, but not sure we are more amateurs than the local “experts” who have messed up the system and left us to get it back to work again :slight_smile:

Please keep it basic and thank you for any feedback. Are there any sample setups on any sites, maybe?

Good night and Thank you all so much.


I assume everything is your existing environment is running reasonably well and you’re just looking to refresh your hardware for switch and load-balancer?

Correct me if I’m wrong below.

For load-balancing 2 WANs, with 700Mbps each, you’ll need a Balance 580. Why such a high tier model is mainly so it’s able to support your combined throughput of 1.4Gbps. You can find out more about the specs and features we have in the link below.

For switch, our newest additional is a 24ports PoE switch. From the way you describe your existing switch I believe you are looking more towards a non-PoE switch, so it’s better to look for alternative in this area.

Thank you kindly. M.