Help! Double NAT with MAX BR1 MK2


Hi Guys, compared to most of the discussion on here, you’ll probably roll your eyes, but here is the deal:

I have a MAX BR1 MK2 and another router sitting behind. Even though I have configured ‘IP Passthrough’, it still seems to be natting, which doesn’t make sense to me. I literally just want the Pepwave to be a dumb transparent modem so that I can use my router sat behind it for all the management.

I am a home user for this issue, but I work in IT security. I live in a very rural place but get excellent Cell signal. I am changing from Satalite to ATT using a pepwave. Everything works fine, except Xbox live. The xbox constantly complains about Double NAT when using the Pepwave and my router.

As far as I can tell, the ‘IP Passthrough’ option should resolve my issue.

Any help is appreciated!



IP Passthrough will route the traffics without NAT. Please check the feature description for the screenshot below:

  1. Your ATT WAN is running using public IP ? When browsing to what is the public IP shown ? Matched to your router public IP ?

  2. Do you isolate before the issue by connect the Xbox live direct to BR1 MK2 (Passthrough) ? Do you still found the same issue ?

  3. For Cellular network, possible that cellular provider end double NAT the traffics. Do you verify this before ?

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Thanks, I’ve confirmed point 1. I’ll double check and test point 2 and 3.