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I have a peplink balance one core and 2 VDSL connections, I have just changed over my entire network gear to ubiquity AP’s, Switches and a USG PRO 4 (there dual wan router), I would like to use the the Balance One as the main router to control the dual wan as if have a lot more control over how wan’s are used. But keep the USG for DPI and DHCP etc.

can this be done without getting double NAT ?


Drop-in mode is supported on the Balance 210 and up and I don’t think the USG PRO 4 supports bridge mode. You can possibly turn off NAT with the USG PRO 4 however and a LAN static route would be needed in the Balance pointing to the USG PRO 4 for its internal network.

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think you got it the wrong way around what I want, I want the PEPLINK to control the VDSL Modems then to the USG so…

VDSL1. --> WAN1 
                -- BALANCE ONE CORE -- LAN1
               /                            \
VDSL2. --> WAN2                               WAN1 -- UBIQUITY USG PRO
                                                                        LAN MY LOCAL NETWORKS

The Balance does a NAT for both WANs and the UBIQUITY USG PRO also does a NAT to its WAN1 - correct? If the USG PRO 4 can turn off NAT it is possible to avoid a double NAT by having the USG PRO simply route without doing a NAT.

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Hi. An obvious question: Why the USG? What does it do for you that’s important that the Peplink does not do?
Now, if you turn off the NAT, as Ron suggested, what does it do for you now?


controls all my other Unifi devices a USG is a required device for all the layer 2/3 switch functions. I need the USG to do the DHCP and layer 2/3 functions. I just need the peplink to supply the USG the load balanced WAN.

Rons approach is the right one here. Disable NAT on the USG - you still get DPI as the USG is still doing L3 routing, and add a static route on the balance for the subnet behind the USG.

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thanks I managed to do it that way.

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