Help a noob with SpeedFusion

I got my AWS FusionHub all setup and configured. I was able to get the VPN profiles all set up. Everything is working as expected. But, I was under the impression that this fusion hub would allow me to send identical data out different WANS concurrently, and then the FusionHub would forward the “fastest” packet to the destination (and discard the slower). However, when I look at the status, I see that one link is a Cold Standby. What do I need to do/enable to get the type of behavior I have described?

I am hoping to get a little bit better latency in my video games. I have two different links - one with low latency and high jitter, the other with low jitter and higher latency. My goal is to use the lower latency connection when it is lower latency, and then the higher latency connection when the jitter gets crazy.

WAN1 - fluctuating latency. Will go from steady 30ms to 90ms then back to 30 ms
WAN2 - steady latency. Stays at 65ms

Here is the scenario I am trying (poorly) to describe
Packet Number ----- WAN1 latency ------ WAN2 latency --------- dest latency
1 ------ 30ms ------ 65ms ------- 30ms (WAN1)
2 ------ 30ms ------ 65ms ------- 30ms (WAN1)
3 ------ 60ms ------ 65ms ------- 60ms (WAN1)
4 ------ 95ms ------ 65ms ------- 65ms (WAN2)
5 ------ 90ms ------ 65ms ------- 65ms (WAN2)
6 ------ 35ms ------ 65ms ------- 35ms (WAN1)

Thanks in advance

You need that link to be in the same priority as the other WAN link on the dashboard of your remote device, you also need your Speedfusion profile to be using both WAN links in Priority 1. Then you need to turn on WAN smoothing in the speedfusion profile at either end to:

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When I try to change them both to Priority 1 – it changes the other to Priority 2. It will only let me select one for each priority. Maybe it has to do with the FusionHub Solo license?

At any rate, I did find the FusionHub Cloud trial license, and it is doing what I was expecting. The only issue is that the game servers are in Oregon (I think in either Portland or Salem) and the closest FusionHub Cloud offering is in Seattle. I think I can get about 10ms faster if I can get the AWS FusionHub to behave the same way.

Thank you to the Peplink folks for offering such cool tech to consumer grade products. It is amazing stuff. And thank you to the forum folks for being so helpful.

Pretty sure I figured out that if I want to use SpeedFusion with the FusionHub Solo - I need to buy a FusionHub license. I haven’t been able to find one for sale for a Balance 30.

To clarify - you would need a SpeedFusion License for a Balance 30 to bond connections to a FusionHub since it doesn’t support SpeedFusion natively unless Via Peplinsk own SpeedFusion Cloud Service (yeah - its confusing right?!).

There is no SpeedFusion License in the online store for a Balance 30.

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