** Heatmaps provided! ** Advice on placement of AP (Surf SOHO or AP One AC mini)

G’day all,

Wondering if anyone can provide some advice based on floor plan below:

Currently Surf SOHO is placed on main floor on top of bookshelf (star). It is running as an access point as I have just installed a Balance 20.

I am considering an AP ONE AC Mini in this location, wall mounted, near the ceiling so that it would face the interior. (facing the open stairwell)

I figure this would provide enough coverage to 2nd floor and basement (not shown, but partly finished matching main floor greatroom footprint), as it radiates out to the sides and out front.

Right now, the surf soho provides “adequate” WIFI, with bedroom 3 being the weakest.

Would 1 AP AC mini be enough in this location? Or better with two, 1 on second level, ceiling mounted above or near open stairs and the other ceiling mounted in middle of finished basement?

Thanks for the advice and tips


Hi Stephan
I will suggest 3 AP
One at each level
Try to set them in a triangle centered at the house, each ap at the vertex that will give you the best coverage
Separtion between ap depeneds on construction materials

Thanks @Dario_Ruisi,

I think 3 may be overkill. I finally got some heatmaps for my townhome… here they are:

5ghz band on ch 165 with 20mhgz wide channel:

ground floor (AP located corner of Great room along garage wall)

Basement Floor

2nd floor

Bedroom 3 and Master Bedroom are the weaker spots. Signals vary from -70 to -80 (depending on time of day, and whether door is closed). Signals are ok on this heatmap.

If the AP Mini is as good or better than the SOHO, I don’t see why I would need more than one? Im thinking wall mounted along the great room wall on ground floor close to where existing SOHO is located would be ideal, so signal radiates to interior on all sides. (I have adjoining walls with neignbors on both sides)

I’ll admit the wifi range on the little SOHO is still quite impressive.

Looking forward to some feedback

Good job Stéphane!

> “I presume I could wall mount the AP mini in the same location of the SOHO (great room wall), facing inwards, so signal radiates to interior, sides and below and above?”

From what you have provided, I would agree with your location suggestions. In practicality, put them at those locations temporarily and then do two site surveys again with one AP on at a time. You will then see exactly what is happening and can fine-tune the position for the final location.