Heath Check setup

I am working with a Balance 20 connected to two AT&T UVerse lines. Just got it working yesterday. So far today I have received Health Check emails regarding disconnections on both lines. They seem to last only 20-30 seconds each. Health check is set to DNS.

Is that too sensitive a test for these connections? If so, what should I be using?

Yes, I would use DNS Lookup and also make sure to check “Use public DNS servers” under health check settings. Also, make sure that you are also on current firmware which is 5.4.9. If the issue still persists, open a ticket with support here:http://cs.peplink.com/contact/support/ and they will be able to take a look this issue.

Yes, firmware is current. And Public DNS is checked. Some other thread I was reading here tipped me off to AT&T’s sick DNS, recommending Google instead.

I don’t think it is a router issue. I think AT&T is flaky…


Yes, if that is the case I would change the DNS for the WANs to and and re-test. If things still seem flaky just let the support team know and they will get to the bottom of it.

Jarid Petermann, I am continuously trying to connect with to and but it is not connecting as I want to search about the measures of get rid of celluliteproblem.

Hey there…

I’m wondering if you’d be willing to share details on how you got a dual (or any) ATT Uverse working behind the peplink.

I had some problems — Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

Did you have to go through all that, or did your experience differ?


ps: i’ll shoot you a PM incase you’re not monitoring this thread.

pps: just saw your other post. It seems that I have an older ATT gateway: Pace 3800HGV-B, instead of the motorola NVG510 you are working with.