Heath check DNS Lookup Traffic causing Rise Broadband to drop my link

I am running a Balance 20 with two ISP connections (1st is Rise Broadband) and (2nd Peak Internet) in the Florissant, CO area. I have been having issues with Rise disabling my link due to out bound traffic from my Balance 20, specifically the DSN lookup traffic every 5 seconds as part of the link health check. I had to disable health check completely on their link, so I went ahead and disabled it on the other link.

Is there a way around this?
What if any issues will I have with the Balance 20 by disabling health checks on the 2 WAN links?


The ISP’s DNS is apparently programmed to deny such repeated requests. You can use a different health check method, or better yet just use a different DNS server. Here’s a web site showing others you can use. You can actually use them for DNS, or just for health check as you prefer.

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