Health check when in weighted balance?

I have two Pepwave units in my RV. A MAX BR1 MK2 as the primary with a BR1 MINI, each of which has one SIM in it for cellular (AT&T and Verizon respectively). I want two networks active at the same time and this seemed to be the most affordable way, both units are LTE-A models. My question is whether or not I should disable health checking as there are two networks playing together in weighted balance and only one SIM in each unit. It seems to me the health checking is adding processing power and when a health check fails (I have it set to 1 bar) it’s just unnecessary processing power to fail it. The other thing is that it’s only one source that’s not in the disabled slot in both devices, I’m not using WiFi or any other WAN so I’m not sure health checking should even be in play for that reason.

My main question so I don’t digress is with two Pepwaves, each with 1 source, should I disable health checking per my config above?


Do you have more information for the above ?

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I just want to know if health checking is necessary if the unit only has one WAN source in use?

Again, my setup is MAX BR1 MK2 using AT&T SIM
BR1 MINI using Verizon SIM

BR1 MINI is feeding into BR1 MK2 via WAN port

Priority 1 in BR1 MK2 has the WAN (Verizon) and Cellular (AT&T) both in the slot

Outbound policy set to weighted balance

Should I use health checking and if so where?

Health check is a tool which uses to check the availability of the WAN links. When there is a connectivity issue on primary WAN link and causes the health check failed, client traffic will be redirected to standby WAN.

You wish disable the health check on BR1 MK2 or BR1 Mini or both?

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