Health Check Failing

Hi Tim

I emailed you not realizing that it would be associated with a prior post so I opened this one fresh.

Tim, as I review the log files I am seeing DNS failure consistently; we have not seen the internet go down because it appears that one WAN fails during the verification process and is reconnected and then the second Wan fails during the verification process and is reconnected. All of this within seconds. As I look back over the logs when we brought the Peplink online this did not happen for several days and now it appears to happen at least once a day and typically several times. There have been no configuration changes except as stated below.

Initially the DNS target was Google; and then when I saw this and changed it to the default gateway of the Cradlepoint routers because to see if a difference.

If you would look at my screen shot and let me know what to do it will be much appreciated.

Here are a few data points;

  1.   WAN 1 and WAN 2 are feed by 2 different Cradlepoint AER 2100 devices loaded with Verizon sims
  2.   WAN 1 has a IP address of 0.2 with a gateway of 0.1 and WAN 2 has a IP address 3.2 with a gateway of 3.1
  3.   The Verizon IPs are all static; not dynamic or private
  4.   The Peplink Balance One is in the DMZ of both Cradlepoint devices.
  5.   We did not see this issue when using a different company’s router for balance activities.

Thank you

I just created a Support Ticket too.

We will try to help you via the ticket. You should change your health check target back to Google’s DNS servers & otherwise you will not know if you actually lose connection to the internet.

Sounds like you need to be troubleshooting the AER 2100 devices and not the Peplink.

Thank you Tim

I just changed it back to Google DNS servers

Here is the screen shot

Tim, it is doing the same thing on both WANs and each WAN is fed from a different Cradlepoint.

Hi Tim and good afternoon

I received an email from Jason early this morning from The Peplink Team requesting remote access.

I replied to his email and enabled remote access however, I have not heard anything.

At this point I am sharing this because I am not sure of the procedures and what if anything I need to and or can be doing because leaving remote access enabled is not something we typically do.

Thank you

Another great experience with the Peplink Team.

Jason and I communicated via email and the phone several times which resulted in the Health Check issue being resolved as well as a few other helpful configuration changes were made.

Thank you all very much

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