Health Check connected Pepwave (but not Internet)

I have 2 x Pepwave BR1 Pro 5G routers. I connect them via ethernet (wan to lan) to utilize the two cellular radios in tandem. The problem with health check is it’s checking Internet connectivity so if the wan source is down on router 2, health check fails and you can’t even connect to router 2 via router 1’s WAN port. I have to use the IP of router 2 in the health check to ensure I can always connect to router 2 but that isn’t allowing the functionality of finding the best Internet provider to work. There needs to be a better way to determine if connected routers are online (1st hop?) vs. Internet connectivity checks.

Along this line I also see issues when I use router 1’s wan in priority 1 along side router 2 in priority 1. As the tests for fastest connection will see the intranet speed returned from the 1st hop to router 2 it will always select router 2 for the best wan source in my experience. To avoid this the first hop needs to be removed from tests for best provider, or use an overall average, not sure.

You can if you set an outbound policy rule on router 1 set to enforced for the LAN IP of the 2nd BR1 and the Wired WAN as the destination.

Don’t use lowest latency, use fastest response. That should work better for you as it will pick the router that returns data from the target website first.

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