Head Office to Branches VPN tunnels with URL Filtering

Hi all,

I have a setup where around 20 branches need to connect to Head office to access servers etc.

I was going to set up a Peplink 580 in head office and a Peplink 210 in each branch.

My concern is this. We need URL Filtering for this setup. I don’t want to use Peplink’s URL filtering service since this does not have any HTTPS inspection etc. For this I was going to deploy a firewall behind the Peplinks. My concern is, how can I redirect traffic coming from branches through Head Office Firewall in order to perform URL filtering on the Head Office firewall? Is it possible to create a default route on the Peplink through the LAN?


This can be done with a LAN static route in the head office Balance pointing to the firewall on the inside. The static route will only apply to SpeedFusion peers, not LAN clients inside the Balance 580.

The branch office routers need to send all traffic through the VPN.