HDx2 vs MAX 700 and balance 210 combo

Hi, I am new to bonded streaming and excited about joining the peplink community.

At the moment I have the oppurtunity to purchase a Pepwave HD2 (with dual sim bonded functionality) or a used Pepwave max 700 and balance 210 (which can do 4 x usb sim bonding).

The 700/210 combo is used but has been offered to me very cheap.

My concern is that the 700/210 combo is a few years old now and might not be as well supported as the HD2? who is using this old combo and still having great success running speed fusion etc?

My application will be streaming video from New Zealand to other parts of the world. unfortunately my house has miserably slow fibres speeds at times so I will have to find a home elsewhere with superior fibre optic speeds to house the balance 210 - so this will be a little bit irritating also.

Any advice or comparative information would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks