HD4 with Mobile 42G Antenna


i’m working on a prototype for a mobile solution using the MAX HD4 LTE. The solution is roof mounted on a vehicle and we are looking to leverage the solution with channel bonding for robustness.

i’m looking to select an antenna that would minimize the number of domes that I need to simplify installation. I saw the Mobile 42G which looks like it would do this well. if i dont plan to use the diversity antenna is it possible to use only a single unit? it looks like it supports 4 LTE connections and 4 WiFi connections (and GPS).

Is my understanding correct? if not, are you aware of any other antenna that might work to meet my needs? it’s my understanding that the diversity ports should not be strictly required for operation but I wasn’t clear on the documentation.


Also, as a point of interest this is another antenna that I have been considering which is a 9-in-1 for 4xLTE, 4xWiFi and 1xGPS.

many thanks!

Yes, so long as you are using the LTE version of the HD4 (MAX-HD4-LTE-E-T).

If you are using the other LTEA versions you really do want the diversity antennas attached otherwise you can’t take advantage of MIMO which will reduce your max bandwidth per modem.