HD4 Antenna advice please


Hello all, i have a Max HD4 that i am going to be vehicle mounting and am looking for some advice on products and best practice for mounting the antenna.
What products are best, how many antenna, omni vs directional etc.

Will be used mostly in the UK so need to work on the LTE frequency bands: 800 MHz, 1800 MHz (1.8 GHz) and 2600 MHz (2.6 GHz)


Hi John.P,
Due to the deployment being on a vehicle your best option would be an omni directional antenna as the vehicle will be moving. Directional antennas are usually deployed in stationary places where they can be accurately aimed to the cell tower.

As for antenna choices you can pick an antenna which has the correct connectors and supports the required bands.

I’ve heard of deployments using Mobile Mark antennas and Poynting antennas. Links to their cellular antennas are below.


Thank you


Hi John,
What sort of vehicle? Vehicle type and ownership level often dictates antenna installation and placement.

More and more organisations are leasing vehicles now so drilling holes for antennas isn’t always possible. Others want smaller antennas covertly installed so as not to draw any attention, we often do portable temporary installs in vehicles using our cloudcases as well. send me a message if you’d like some help choosing the right thing. I’ve even got some mag mount antennas you could borrow to try them out if you’d like.


first understand antenna options and requirements

some require a ground plane

omni obviously

you havent stated your requirements. MIMO may be needed if you need higher download speed.