Hd2mini to Simcloud

I’m connecting a HD2 Mini to a sim injector using SimCloud.
Inside the HD2mini i’m using 2 physical sims with expensive rate that are used for the simcloud connection only.

To avoid consumption on these sims while testing, i added to route all trafic to a deadend (wan), and keeping only traffic to peplink.* to the cellulars.

According to the diagnosis, Simcloud cannot be be contacted : ERROR_SIM_BANK_NOT_FOUND .
The FusionSims load correctly as soon as i plug an active WAN or remove the outbound rule.

Could you tell me if the connection to simcload is using another domain that i sould whitelist ?

Secondary question:
Would it be possible to define different kind of rules depending on the Sim (if it’s remote fusion sim or physical sim): outbound rules / pepvpn rules / …
I really need the traffic to only be allowed using the Fusion Sims and not the physical sims.

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I know it is an old thread but I am running a similar setup, did you solve this?