HD2Dome - Split 2 x Cell WAN as different VLAN on ethernet?

Hello, I am working on several projects that combine a Balance router with an HD2 Dome. We’d like to find a way to use SpeedFusion on the balance to combine the ethernet WANs AND the two cellular WANs of the HD2 Dome into a single tunnel.

It doesn’t seem to be a good idea to tunnel speedfusion inside of speedfusion, so we would need to use SpeedFusion on the Balance router instead of inside the dome. Question is how to ensure we are using both cellular WANs on the HD2 dome when they are just independent wans on the HD2 end, but only seen as 1 WAN on the Balance.

What is the way to configure both units so that Balance effectively sees 2 separate WANs for the dome? Can we use VLAN tagging somehow between the dome and the balance? Is there a different way? Do we need to connect the HD2Dome through a switch and to TWO wan ports, and then somehow use outbound policy to assign the ports to different cell modems?

If we can/do use VLAN tagging… How do we ensure that the SIM Injector still works?

Any ideas?


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Hi Richard,

the only way I can think of is what you described and we sometimes use this setup to build an HD8 (2x HD4)

You need to create two separate VLANs, direct the traffic to cell1 and cell2 and plug them to Balance WAN ports using switch or even Balance LAN ports.

The communication between the Dome and Injector should be fine if you leave injector in the untagged LAN.