HD2/ Transit Duo with Speedfusion

Apologies if this has already been answered - but I’m trying to figure out if we can use the HD2/ Transit Duo for our field implementation.

Our use case requires us to stream a one or two 720p/30fps video streams over 4g LTE.
Key considerations for our use case are as follows:

  1. Lowest latency possible
  2. Reliable bandwidth

We’ve noticed in our field tests with software-only bonding (with speedify) that at any given time, in a given area - at most 2 cell networks will be truly loaded to any meaningful extent to consider bonding to be truly useful. (i.e. with bonding active - at best 2 cell networks seem to be in play - even if 4 are available)

Keeping that in mind - would a HD2 or Transit Duo with 2 active sims/ 2 fail-over sims be useful (for our particular use case)? Is there any advantage to considering a higher number of sims (with a HD4)?

Put another way - if we only really need 2 stable 4g connections to achieve results - could the HD2/ Transit Duo be configured to pick the best 2 networks at any given place/ time and bond those two networks? So, if we had Verizon, ATT, Sprint and Tmobile here in the US - could the HD2/ Transit Duo - effectively choose (in real time) the “best” combination of 2 of these 4 networks?

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In your use case are you in the field and then stationary for the period where you are video streaming or will you stream on the go whilst driving / moving between regions / cell towers?

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Hello @MN_telemetry,
Using Multiple SIMs & MNO is something we do here in Australia a lot. For most of our clients, the answer is to be as much as possible be across totally different MNOs (Mobile Network Operators such as here in AU Optus, Telstra & Vodafone). Having multiple MNOs means that if there is congestion on one MNO, then the other MNO takes the traffic. In the case of only one MNO, then all cellular connections will use the only available MNO.

SpeedFusion is critical to making this work smoothly.

There are always going to be situations where it will not matter how many SIMs and MNOs are available where you will not get a reliable connection. We see this regularly around AU, and it is a real challenge, the Peplink range though handles it a lot better and any other brand we have tested.

The Pepwave MAX Transit DUO with LTEA is one of our most favoured products for these deployments where the customer only chooses to have two cellular connections.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the response Martin & Marcus!

The cameras are mobile within a given worksite (typically a 1 to 5 acre property) - so we will not be switching between cell towers. However, we do need for the same setup to work across lots of different worksites.

Our plan is to use any combination of 2 cell networks from the four major carriers here in the US.

We were trying to better understand what peplink means by failover - and does this happen automatically.

I ask because this would then imply that as long as we have 4 sims from 4 different carriers within let’s say - a peplink transit duo/ HD2 - then we should at any time be able to select at bond the 2 best carriers for a given location.

Is this how the failover + fusion is supposed to work?

Or will we necessarily have to go with an HD4 (which is more expensive - and way more total bandwidth than we need)

Basically - trying to make a purchasing decision here for evaluation purposes. Our use case is sensitive to per unit cost, and we’d like to minimize the cost of the bonding router + data on each site as much as possible.

Hello @MN_telemetry,
Peplink does more than “Fail Over”, it actively manages data packets between connection with using SpeedFusion so that you have the utmost sustainable and reliable connection possible in the industry. In addition, you have eight outbound policies that you can mix and match

With routers that have multiple modems like the models from Peplink/Pepwave, the switching of connections between the multiple modems is router dependent. The best we have seen in the market at doing this is the Peplink/Pepwave routers when combined with using SpeedFusion. Bonding is different from Load Balancing and the Peplink/Pepwave models have multiple ways of managing these options within.

  • The Pepwave MAX HD2 router only accepts one (1) SIM per internal modem.
  • The Pepwave MAX Transit DUO router accepts two (2) SIMs per internal modem.

With modems that accept multiple SIMs, these only operate a single SIM at a time (regardless of the brand of manufacture). If we call the first SIM “A” and the second SIM “B” for reference, there will always be a downtime between switching between the SIMs from A to B and B to A. This downtime is dependent on the local network as SIM A has to be disconnected and then SIM B connected (bit like changing SIMs in your mobile, it takes time) even though it is done based on rules you set up within the system. the change over can take anywhere from 20 seconds to several minutes depending on the local environment.

Here is a good video showing a failover from one of Peplink’s certified partners.

For the scale of your project, we recommend acquiring a Pepwave MAX Transit DUO with a FusionHub (will require the Pepwave MAX Transit DUO to have a SpeedFusion licence pack applied) to built your Proof of Concept around and then use this as your basis to deploy. We also highly recommend that your use InControl2 with your deployment for the configuring, management & monitoring the deployment.

If you are using broadcast-grade cameras, then you may want to look at the Pepwave SpeedFusion Engine Cam in place if the MAX Transit DUO.

Regardless of the path you take, ensure you use the models with LTEA chipsets and above (such as Cat6, Cat12) and not the LTE chipset (such as Cat3). You also need to ensure you get the right modem chipset for your region.

Working with your Certified local Peplink Partner will help you to ensure the best outcome.
Which country are you based in?

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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We’re based in the US.

Thanks for the info and advice.

I’ve ordered a max transit duo with Primecare and will be testing it out.