HD2 LTE x 2 v. BR1 LTEA x 1


Verizon (or generically, any one carrier) is the only carrier available, but with multiple bands connecting.

All things being otherwise ignored - deploy a MAX Transit Duo LTE (with two SIM cards) or a BR1 LTE-A (with one SIM card) for maximal bandwidth/connection capacity?


They both (may) employ two bands - one as a (possibly bonded) dual path connection set, the otther as a single carrier-managed dual-band connection.



Assuming the condition of cellular WANs are same (same band, similar RSRP, RSRQ, and SINR) between HD2 and BR1, then we may need to consider the router throughput of HD2 and BR1. HD2 supports 400Mbps and BR1 supports 100Mbps. So, it is depending to the requirement.

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Hey Z, hope all is well on your side.

Two simultaneous connections will always be better than one because each modem is guaranteed a slice (time-slot) of the available bandwidth from a given tower. Resources are further driven down to a Band level (avoid 13 lol).

For VZW I recommend to lock one modem to B4 (66) and the other to B5 or B2.