HD2 dual AT&T SIM Stuck Obtaining IP Address

Hoping to get some guidance/suggestions… I have a new HD2 Dome with SIM injector on AT&T. I have two SIMS, one in each modem slots 1 & 3, with exact same settings. One SIM acquires an IP address and one SIM is stuck cycling for an IP address. It appears I am connected to the tower with LTE and the one cycling is searching in 3G.

The working SIM has the device IMEI registered. The not working SIM does not have the HD2 IMEI registered but AT&T branch office said that was no longer necessary.

Is there a special setting for two SIMs with the same carrier?
Is there a band selection issue with AT&T?
Could this be an IMEI number?

I worked with my device reseller who said they can’t find the problem. The AT&T branch said I would have to call 611 for tech support.

Is there a path with Pepwave you all can help me find?