HD2 dome without siminjector

Hi there,

I have a customer who has a peplink balance BPL ONE and he likes to add an HD2 dome without a siminjector.
He bought a PoE injector but it doesn’t do the trick as yet???
Please can you tell me the requirements of the PoE injector (voltage) and how would you connect.
WAN - PoE injector- ethernet cable to HD2 dome (straight into the dome or via the box included in the box)

Please help… Thanks

The HD2 will need a 802.3at POE+ injector as the power consumption can be as high as 20W.

Cabling would go from WAN of balance via the POE+ injector and then on to the dome. The box you are referring to is a POE/ LAN splitter with POE in and LAN+POE out.

If they don’t need the POE out they can just connect direct to the single ethernet connector in the threaded mount.

OK great, I thought already that the injector the customer uses is too weak.
Is there a peplink 802.3ayt POE+ injector?
Also should there be a latest firmware update on the dome? 8.1.2?

Yes. ACW-107 but any branded POE+ injector should work fine.

Yes always go to the latest and greatest. Currently 8.1.2 b5114