HD2-Dome Selection

I am the engineer on a boat that will be traveling the world, not sure of exact places yet other than Caribbean/Mediterranean.

I am trying to decide between two different HD2 Domes

From my understanding the K is the “better” one as it has 2 CAT12 modems.

Is there any reason I should go with the WK?

I would compare the band differences (you can find band information in datasheet or on our WEB page). CAT12 modem version used in HD Dome support more bands Compared to CAT6 modem version, so CAT12 HD2 Dome will be more versatile. The only band CAT12 doesn’t support compared to CAT6 is B25 (1900 MHz), which seems is used by Sprint. In your particular case I would go for MAX-HD2-DOM-M-LTEA-K.