HD2- Diference of Priorities

Hi Team

What is the difference between the priorities of the screen one and two… attached images

Hi Screen 1 shows outbound priorities for load balanced traffic over the WAN. Screenshot 2 shows the WAN priority of PepVPN traffic. pepVPN traffic is treated differently than load balanced traffic - hence the two locations for rules.

Because by default my vpn appears in place of “not in use (screenshot 1)”
What if I put the left as the next picture? I do not understand yet … sorry


After SpeedFusion tunnel established, it consider a “WAN interface” which allow you to route traffic into it.

WAN1 —> Internet
WAN2 —> Internet
WAN3 —> Internet
VPN------> Remote branch office

For example if you enforce traffics to WAN1-3 then users will able to go internet. If you enforce traffic to VPN then user traffics will redirected to remote branch office.

Hope this help.