HD1 Wiring info and how close can the unit can be to a KVH TV and Sat Phone

I run a boat and right now I have the HD1 dome located under the helm. I was wondering a couple things.

  1. Can the HD1 Dome accept an external antenna if I wanted to keep the dome out of the weather?

  2. How close to a KVH Sat Tv antenna can the Dome be installed?

  3. How close can it be to a KVH Inmarsat antenna?

  4. If I want to install it on a threaded base mount. do I need to have the ethernet cable run through the adapter that come attached to it with the SS adjustable base? Or Can I just run it directly from the POE into the bottom of the dome and not use the adapter at all?


Hello @Frank_Signorelli,

  1. The HD1 Dome has a fixed antenna design; adding another antenna without re-engineering the solution is impossible.

  2. Generally, keep different RF systems about half a meter apart (a full meter is usually enough). Remember, they will each impede the signal path of each other if in the way.

  3. As per #2 above.

  4. Peplink has the “Premium Deck Mounts” that you can use ( find PDF with details here https://www.peplink.com/products/accessories/ or view a website version here Premium Deck Mounts - Rising Connection ). There are also custom-made mounts out there that various Peplink Partners have deployed. What is important is that you ensure that the cable pathway into the bottom of the HD1 Dome gets sealed (airtight) to protect the ethernet connection.

You can contact your local Peplink Partner for personalised assistance.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: