HD Dome Pole Mounting

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If the HD Dome is pole mounted this means the orientation of the Dome is facing outwards and not upwards. Does this affect the RF performance of the Dome?


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As in the left image with a blue background shown in the announcement, and many of the real-life photos seen in the forum, the HD2 Dome when pole-mounted is best suited to be in the upright position. Avoid the side position unless you are in a fixed location close to a carrier’s tower.

There is a design reason for this; the internal antennas are designed for the signals to work best from the sides of the HD2 Dome and not via the top.

I also highly recommend reading through this article

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Fantastic thanks Marcus and much appreciated! The videos and guides make it look like the antenna pole kit can be made to mount the antenna facing in the non-correct ‘mode’ that its intended to so thanks for the confirmation


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For pole top mounting, what diameter and schedule of pole do you use and HOW do you tap and thread the inside of the pole? Please be specific with sources of materials.

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Does anyone know if the M35 Thread is coarse or fine?


The pitch is 1.5mm which is fine.


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